CTP Challenge: Stopping the Spread of HAIs one Critical Touch Point at a Time

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Welcome to the CTP Challenge!

Follow the instructions on your right to get started, or read below for more information on fighting hospital acquired infections.

What's so scary about HAIs?

Patients who acquire infections in the hospital stay an average of 19 days longer and cost an average of $43,000 more per person.*

The literature also suggests that at least 20% and as much as 70% of HAIs are preventable, depending on the setting and type of infection.

In addition to the fundamental costs, patients are becoming more educated to the risks of HAIs and are starting to compare hospitals based on several data points such as their performance on Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) surveys.

How do we fight HAIs?

A recent report** included recommendations for effectively reducing the occurrence of hospital acquired infections. One recommendation is the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, including critical touch points (CTPs).

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What's a CTP anyway?

CTP stands for critical touch point. CTPs represent areas of your hospital touched frequently by multiple people, creating conditions conducive to the spread of HAIs. Here are just a few patient room CTPs:

  • Bed frame
  • TV remote
  • Bedside table
  • Chair arm
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Door knob
  • Trash can
  • IV pole
  • Sink fixture
  • Light switch
  • Toilet fixtures
  • Toilet paper dispenser
  • Mirror
  • Shower head
  • Telephone
HAI monster HAI monster

Ready to improve your scores?

SMS Healthcare routinely tests critical touch points in patient rooms, surgical areas and common spaces for effective cleaning processes.

If you're not pleased with your CTP Challenge results, or you're dissatisfied with your hospital's patient satisfaction or HCAHPS scores, then maybe it's time to contact SMS.

To learn more about SMS Healthcare, visit our website, check out our online healthcare brochure or contact us using our online form.

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Get Started

Step 1: Download

Download and print the CTP Challenge worksheet.

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Use this nifty mobile site instead!

Step 2: Squeeze

Squeeze a small amount of the glow gel enclosed in your package onto a cotton swap or tongue depressor.

Step 3: Apply

Prior to an area being cleaned by EVS, apply glow gel to at least five CTPs listed on the worksheet.

Step 4: Review

After the area is cleaned by EVS, use the UVA LED light to check for the presence of glow gel in areas you marked. Mark the results on your checklist.

Step 5: Calculate

Use our calculator to compute your score. You'll receive a full analysis of your score as well as tips and industry news on combating HAIs in your facility.